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The goal of our first visit to your home is to:

  • Correct existing problem
  • Prevent future infestations

If you are experiencing an active infestation, it will be treated by one of our technicians during the initial service. If you are not experiencing any problems, we will perform a proactive treatment inside to prevent infestations from occurring. This service is fully guaranteed and is backed by our policy of "Free Service calls" for existing problems.





After the initial visit, Abate Pest Control will inspect and treat your home from the exterior on a regular basis.

  • You do not need to be home for this service

Our trained technicians will maintain your home's protective barrier in addition to inspecting the outside of the house and monitoring and preventing any potential problem areas that may occur. If at any time an infestation or problem should arise in your home, please call us immediately and we will treat the problem.